David King

C_New_DavidKDavid King is a proud alumnus of Albany State University who firmly believes that capitalizing on the right opportunities when presented is critical to navigating the pathways to success.   In the fall semester of his junior year, just prior to completing the requirements for his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with an emphasis in mathematics, he received the opportunity to attend the 7th annual Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute. The three-day event served as a springboard, launching David into the hands of potential mentors and recruiters from many of the largest and most powerful companies in the world.

The Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute afforded David a full, comprehensive, real life simulation of what it takes to be successful in pursuing goals and dreams in a desired field. The institute brought together the best and brightest national and international students and companies from every sector of the commercial and government markets. David learned the importance of networking among colleges and corporate professionals and attended workshops which helped him to see and learn from a corporate perspective, rather than an academic perspective. Perhaps the most powerful experience for David was the exposure to recruiters from Fortune 500 companies. Looking back, he believes that the connections made with top companies could not have been accomplished in any other way during this time, and therefore, served to dramatically change the course of his life. At the conclusion of the three- day conference, he had secured an internship with Ball Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and was afforded expense paid travel to his income generating internship the following summer in Broomfield, Colorado.

If you have ever enjoyed a can of soda, or viewed an image produced by the Hubble Space Telescope, then you have encountered products and services produced by Ball Corporation. In the summer of 2010, David interned as an IT specialist with the Environmental Health and Safety division of Ball Corporation. There, he was responsible for helping to integrate a new management system and assigned to write several of the instruction manuals, providing the framework for the hundreds of domestic and international users. He also conducted training sessions, helping to train users in China and Brazil. During his internship, he traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to experience the in’s and out’s of how the cans we drink from every day are developed, gaining valuable professional experience, as well as a collection of friends whom he still regularly contacts today.

While his internship was an incredible experience, the fruitfulness of David’s TMCF Leadership Institute experience continued well beyond that summer.  David insightfully kept in touch with recruiters from Fortune 500 companies he’d connected with while attending the conference, as well as an updated resume on the TMCF website.  In 2010, facing graduation and hopeful about entrance into the professional world, he was approached by Booz Allen Hamilton for an interview, which was one of the companies he’d kept in contact with. Three months before graduation David was interviewed and awarded a position with Booz Allen. Booz Allen was named one of the best companies in which to launch a career, cited for its commitment to diversity and for its stellar training programs and investments in their employees. He now works as a consultant in the newly emerging cyber security market focusing on identity management. David immediately began work on an exciting project with many of the brightest professionals from all over the globe. After only two months on board, David was presented with the opportunity to serve a brief stint in Germany.  He states, “I could not have picked a better place to launch my career if I tried.”

David’s advice to all current and future TMCF students would be, “Don’t see Thurgood Marshall as just another conference, but see it as an access point into a limitless and bright future.” Those seemingly insignificant three days set the stage for what was to ultimately become the inception of a wonderful journey into lasting relationships and the birth of an exciting professional career.”

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