TMCF/CDC Ambassador Program

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The TMCF/CDC Ambassador Program was designed to help the CDC better understand public HBCUs and build relationships on campus with faculty, staff and student groups. The relationships will widen the pipeline to TMCF member-schools and students for enhanced human capital acquisition. TMCF and CDC staff work together with the Ambassadors to host and organize events that will bring awareness of public health and the CDC’s mission to the campus and community. The CDC is actively engaged with the Ambassadors throughout the year through mentoring opportunities, an exclusive TMCF public health workshop, and internships at the CDC.

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The CDC uses this program as an opportunity to market the agency and share career opportunities within the industry, as well as share valuable information that will better prepare students to compete for jobs within the federal government. This Student Ambassador Program serves as one key recruitment vehicle for the CDC’s diversity efforts.

  • Increase employment opportunities within CDC for students (undergraduate and graduate) of TMCF member-schools 
  • Increase mentoring and professional development opportunities to TMCF students in the public health fields 
  • Increase pipeline of public health professionals in an effort to promote health and disease prevention among youth at TMCF member-schools 
  • Prepare Students with information to take back to their campuses and serve as CDC Ambassadors

As a signature component of the TMCF/CDC Ambassador Program, the Public Health Workshop serves as an opportunity for selected program ambassadors who have a strong interest in careers within public health to discuss and present relevant topics with senior staff, tour the CDC and shadow staff. This year’s conference will be held April 7-10, 2014, and convene twenty (20) students from TMCF member-schools in Atlanta at the CDC Royal Campus – Century Center.

Through a series of workshops, plenary sessions and meetings, this 3-day meeting provides targeted professional career development and training. Workshops and forums are presented by key CDC and other government representatives.

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