Teacher Quality and Retention Program - Summer Institutes

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A major component of TQRP is its Summer Institute. This intense, 12-day professional development and hands-on training will better equip our Program Fellows with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully enter a competitive and challenging teaching environment. It also helps our new teachers further develop their pedagogical skills, as well as work to acquire the skills needed to become teacher leaders on their campuses and beyond.

TQRP is moving from a model of multiple, separate Summer Institutes across the country to one, combined Summer Institute. This will better allow for cross-collaboration among groups of Fellows and allow us the critical mass to hold the first annual TQRP Recruitment Fair – welcoming school districts, independent schools and charter schools from across the nation to meet and interview talented TQRP Fellows ready to enter the workforce.

As of February 27, 2015, the 2015 Summer Institute dates will be JUNE 16-27, 2015 and the location will be HOUSTON, TEXAS.