Teacher Quality and Retention Program - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to participate in TQRP?
The goal of TQRP is to recruit, support and retain the next generation of leaders from HBCUs to teach students in underserved urban and rural communities. All majors are welcome to apply. In addition, to meet the growing need for science and math teachers in secondary schools, STEM majors in their sophomore, junior or senior year are strongly encouraged to apply.

What time commitment is involved?
TQRP fellows must participate in an intensive summer institute, interactive online support sessions and a leadership conference in the fall. STEM majors will participate in a hands-on, interactive one-week or two-week institute. All other majors will participate in a dynamic week-long summer institute. Once fellows begin teaching, they must engage in a mentorship, which culminates in completion of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standard’s Take One process.

What are the benefits of selection as a TQRP fellow?
The TQRP process is competitive. Chosen participants will embark on a multi-year process that begins with a summer fellowship, which includes a small stipend. The TQRP process continues with professional conferences, interactive online support, mentorship and leadership training. Those selected to become TQRP fellows will become the next generation of teacher leaders.