Teacher Quality and Retention Program - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to participate in TQRP?

The goal of TQRP is to recruit, support and retain the next generation of leaders from HBCUs to teach students in underserved urban and rural communities. All education majors are welcome to apply. In addition, to meet the growing need for science and math teachers in secondary schools, STEM majors in their junior or senior year are strongly encouraged to apply.

What kind of commitment is required?
TQRP is a 5-year, year-round professional development opportunity. TQRP Fellows must:
  • participate in an intensive Summer Institute each year, 
  • engage in interactive online support sessions throughout each year and 
  • make progress on an individualized Action Plan that will be co-designed with TQRP Staff
Participants that enter the program, but then decide not to enter the classroom after an adequate amount of time has passed will be exited from the program to make space available for new Fellows.

What are the benefits of selection as a TQRP fellow?
The TQRP application process is competitive. Chosen participants will embark on a multi-year commitment that begins with a Summer Institute each year, which yields a small stipend. The TQRP process continues with opportunities to attend professional conferences, expectations to participate in interactive online support, as well as mentorship and leadership training. Those selected to become TQRP Fellows will become the next generation of teacher leaders and part of a community of educators unlike any other.