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These  programs below will provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn the key attributes and the necessary skills that will give them a competitive advantage in the global market place. With your help, you can ease the burden of a student’s tuition, books, or other school-related expenses. For many students, gaining financial assistance and leadership/professional development training can make a difference in their lives.


1. Scholarships
TMCF provides merit based scholarships (3.0 GPA or higher)to students attending any one of our 47 member-schools.  Students must demonstrate financial need and meet all scholarship criteria.

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2.    Teacher Quality & Retention Program 
Now more than ever our students need qualified teachers who can help them overcome challenging school environments, and achieve academic and personal success. Historically Black Colleges and Universities graduate more African American teachers than any other source.  The Thurgood Marshall College Fund has designed the HBCU Teacher Quality and Retention Program (TQRP) to help these teachers enhance the learning experience of students by participating in pre-service training, peer to peer development, master teacher support and assistance in becoming nationally certified with the ultimate goal of impacting student success.

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3.    Leadership Institute & Recruitment Fair
The Leadership Institute serves as a springboard as students transition from undergraduate to the world of work. Designed to enhance the enhance critical thinking skills, and to provide students with opportunities to solve real world problems, it has become the largest minority leadership program in the country for accessing the best talent from the HBCUS. Hundreds of government and corporate executive volunteer their time to serve as faculty for the annual conference. Students gain knowledge on interviewing for jobs, resume-writing, problem solving, strategic communications, selling their ideas, and managing conflicts. This program enhances its participants overall business acumen allowing them to compete in a competitive workforce.

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4.    Civic Responsibility Conference

The TMCF Civic Responsibility Conference (CRC) is a national program designed to provide students with an overview of how the legislative, executive and judicial branches work in our country. Our goal is to equip the students with the critical skills needed to support their communities. The program is held in Washington, DC annually. It introduces to advocacy, one on one meetings with their elected representatives of Congress. Throughout the conference students are introduced to current public policy issues, federal policy papers and higher education policy agendas. Now more than ever, we need your help and support. Make a difference in the lives of a student by making a contribution today.

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